If you're just coming onto the technology scene after years of filing paper files by hand or if you're simply looking to explore the available career paths, you might be thinking of technology as a single field. However, as technology diversifies and becomes crucial to more and more different fields, the career paths left open to people who are able to work with technology increase. Here are just a few of the types of technology that can be turned into a career.

High Technology

This is what everyone thinks of when they hear the word "technology." This type of technology is all about innovation for the sake of innovation. Sure, the things high technologists invent could become new methods of construction zone safety equipment see more, but when they start out they're just cool toys inspired by science fiction, the latest scientific theories, and our own imaginations. Computers, the space shuttle, and even cell phones began life as high technology.


This type of technology is a huge boom field because it overlaps with the medical field, which is never in recession. People always need to be taken care of. Biotechnologists design new imaging devices, custom make prosthetic limbs, and imagine new and less invasive ways to do surgery and save the lives of people with critical conditions. As a biotechnologist, you'll help doctors to save lives and perhaps even explore new fields of study like cloning or stem cell research.

Industrial Technology

If you're interested in lumber packaging systems and how they can be made more efficient, then industrial technology is the field for you. Industrial technologists focus on inventing new ways to create energy, manufacture products, transport goods, and track store stock. Industrial technology is what keeps the modern world running, and it's always in need of new ideas because companies are always competing for shares of the market.

Domestic Technology

When you're drawing up your two storey house plans, you may be surprised by the amount of technology you have planned for. Stoves, ovens, fridges, heating and cooling systems, digital thermostats, garage door openers, television sets - these things were all invented and refined by domestic technologists. As a domestic technologist, your job would be to find new and better ways of accomplishing ordinary tasks.

Weapons Technology

If you've ever looked around an auto body shop in Hamilton and thought about how the spare parts could be turned into a fighting airplane, a tank, a rocket, or a gun, you've got the mind of a weapons technologist. Weapons technology focuses on making war, which means you'll have the job of making it worse for your enemies with new and better weapons and better for your own soldiers with better protective devices and gadgets.

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