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Manganese Siccative Drier - 5 mL

If you are using Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint on a floor, for example, it can be advantageous to add some Manganese Siccative to the paint to create a harder painted surface and to speed up drying. Add 5 mL of Manganese Siccative per 3 L volume of linseed oil paint.

# 50484
Price: $4.00

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Shellac Flakes

Shellac flakes are the base for the coating of your rebates in your window sash. It is important to trap the raw linseed oil in the linseed oil glazing between the shellac and the organic linseed oil paint on the outside of the glazing. This is why old linseed oil glazing last for so long. Mix the shellac flakes with just a few drops of denatured alcohol. The mixture should be of the consistency of syrup. With thick shellac you will only need one coat. Shellac is an excellent barrier. Drying time is one hour. Shellac is also used for knots to prevent the sap from going through any paint.

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Shellac Flakes
# 50022
Price: $3.75 / oz

Chalk - 1 Kg

A mixture of Allbäck water based shellac primer and a small amount of chalk will create an excellent spackle. Apply the spackle compound on any wood you would like to create a smooth surface on for painting. Sand the surface with fine sandpaper.

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# 50418
Price: $12.95


Pumice Powder - 1 Kg

Pumice powder for window restoration. For use when you apply the linseed oil glazing putty onto the window and you want to remove any excess linseed oil from the glass. The pumice powder has a great ability to soak up the oil. Pumice powder works significantly better than regular chalk when it comes to absorbing oil. Brush a small amount of pumice powder on the glass with a natural brush.
Also mix pumice powder with Linus Interior Paint to create pigmented spackle for doing repairs in plaster and drywall before painting.

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# 50609
Price: $14.95


Little Scraper for Putty and Paint

A favourite of Hans Allbäck. This is a handy scraper for removing residual window glazing on the sash and the window glass and also for scraping old paint in harder-to-reach areas, especially after softening old putty and paint with an Infrared Paint Remover. Can also be used to apply window glazing.

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Little Scraper for Putty and Paint
# 50026
Price: $14.00

Pump Dispenser

Dispenser pump for the 1 L container of Linseed Oil Soap or Linseed Oil. Handy for getting just the amount of liquid you need.

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Pump Dispenser
# 50234
Price: $7.95

Paint Mixer

Mixing the Linseed Oil Paint well is very important before you paint so that the pigment is evenly dispersed. A mixer on a variable speed drill is very effective.

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Paint Mixer for 3 L / 1 gal
# M101
Price: $9.00

Deluxe Brush Washer

Use for cleaning brushes with Linseed Soap and water or for storing them in Raw Linseed Oil. Deluxe Brush Washer features a removable bottom screen that traps solid particles and keeps them separate, so raw oil stays cleaner longer. A movable spiral brush holder grips brush handles they don't rest on their bristles, protecting them from damage. The matching polished tin cover and copper carrying handle allow easy transportation. Please note, lid does not seal. Not intended for rigorous travel.

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# 411250
Price: $72.00


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