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Porches & Decks

Deck painted with Organic Allback Linseed oil Paint.

To maintain a deck can be a nightmare. Not with the Allback linseed oil paint. It works very well on exterior decking. Any color or just the straight purified organic linseed oil. You will see that the oil will soak into the wood. Water will bead on the surface and evaporate. It does not have a chance to sink into the surface and create problems. This deck should be maintained with a coat of the Purified organic linseed oil every 5-10 years or when it is starting to look dry.

Spruce green on a cedar deck in New York state. Bansiter is painted with white Allback organic linseed oil paint.

Close up photo of the cedar deck. You can see how the water beads on the painted surface. Organic linseed oil paint works very well on decks.

Do you have problems with your porch posts?

This is a direct result of using the petroleum oil paint or acrylic paint. These modern types of paint will trap the moisture in the wood and rot the wood from the inside.

It is interesting to realize that this type of deck designs have been around for 100’s of years but it appear that there was no major problems until the petroleum paint was started to be used. This type of damage is directly linked to the type of paint. It has nothing to do with the quality of the wood. If purified linseed oil paint had been used, this porch would have been in perfect condition today.

American Four Square Front Porch Project.

This deck had multiple layers of paint removed with the Silent Paint Remover. Still great Harth Pine wood. No sander was used. Two coats of the Allback organic linseed oil with a few ounces of brick red linseed oil paint mixed into the paint to create a stain was applied. This wood is great looking.


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