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Instructions for Use: Linus Interior Flat Paint

Coverage: The coverage for Linus interior linseed paint is approximately 75 to 108 square feet per liter.
  • Protect all edges with masking tape. This is particularly important if you plan to paint with a structure roller. The roller must get as close to the edge as possible

  • Stir the paints thoroughly. Use a whisk

  • Test paint to see that you get the required structure. Dilute with at most 5% water if you want a thinner paint and smoother structure. Yarn rollers are most suitable for uneven surface. Felt rollers give a smoother surface, but also requires a more even surface. For extra structure use a structure roller. On some surface the paint may run somewhat, but just keep on painting. Wait an hour or so and roll again or let the paint dry completely, paint a second time as usual

  • Paint the edges of the wall first. After that roll or brush the whole wall. Paint in strokes of at most 1 m at a time. Continue on the next wall. The paints set fairly fast, so it is good if the room is cool while you are painting. Make sure you have plenty of paint on the roller/brush

  • Let the paint dry for about 24 hours and then give it another coat. The first coat may look rather uneven, but this disappears with the second coat. Wash and dry the roller between coats

  • Wipe away paint that has come outside the masking tape and coverings. The paint is easy to wipe off while wet, but is almost impossible to remove once it has set. Remove the tape within three days.

  • Scrape paint down from the top rim of the tin and even out the surface to avoid getting dry remains of paint in the remaining paint. Store in a frost-free place

Cleaning Instructions

To clean, wash rollers and brushes in a bucket with our linseed soap and water. Avoid pouring this out directly into the drains. Rinse the rollers in a bucket in the sink. Let the bucket with the dirty water stand so that the paint remains sink to the bottom. Drain off the water and throw the paint remains into the garbage. The painted surface can be washed with our linseed soap and water as well.


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